2019 Update - Currently working on some super secret Theme Park projects! Take a look at some past work below.

Hello, I'm Reid.

I create experiences.

I’m a designer who loves to solve complex problems. More recently my work has been focused on themed entertainment, though I tend to weave through different types of projects that all loosely connect, including Interaction Design, Virtual Reality (VR), Architecture, Experiential Marketing, along with a bit ofApp development, and Technology Design.  While most of my work does require me to create compelling 3D content, primarily to convey story, emotion, and buildable intent (including for real-time visualization), I’m mostly fascinated in understanding the way people think and respond to the world. This has a heavy influence in my ‘interactive’ projects.

I’m addicted to learning and I gravitate towards projects that challenge me in new ways while allowing me to build and reflect on what I’ve learned in other areas.

I have a significant interest and appreciation in tools, technologies, and opportunities that empower people to create, because of this I’ve turned some of my attention to the subject of Education and hope to continue to explore emergent opportunities in that field. I've also been studying application of pervasive computing and working to understand how it will shape creative expression and broader implications.


Below are some of the companies, clients, partners, organizations, and projects around the world that I've been fortunate to have worked for and with and on ....

Please scroll down to see some of my work...

Motiongate Dubai, Theme Park

(2014/2015); 2018 Award - Themed Entertainment Assoc.


My work involved providing design direction to several park areas, notably the Madagascar Dreamworks Zone, as well as supporting How to Train Your Dragons, Smurfs, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, and early iterations of the main Entry and Main Street (Studio Central). I created sketches, drawings, and many 3D models and art.

Moreso, I utilized advanced VR techniques to visualize different areas, creating custom walk-throughs and ride experiences, including for the Madagascar and the How To Train Your Dragons themed coaster ride. I used Unreal Engine 4 along with early Oculus Rift hardware.

3:25 for Madagascar, video by Theme Park Family World Wide on 2017-09-19.

(2014) Dragon Gliders Previs - UE4

(2014) Dragon Gliders Previs - UE4

(2014) Dragon Gliders Previs - UE4

Disney Infinity E3 Booth (2015)

In cooperation with Disney Interactive and Ichi Worldwide


I helped create the designs for the Disney Infinity 3.0 E3 Booth in 2015. After 3D Prototypes and rapid iterations (involving the different Disney teams, inc. Marvel and Lucas Film), I worked with the show and fabrication teams through installation.

The signature piece,The FIGURE ARCH (shown right) continues to travel to different Disney Infinity events.

Sony 'Life' Movie Scare Booth (2017)

In cooperation with Ichi Worldwide, Bolder Games, and Sony Pictures


In a matter of weeks, we worked closely with Sony to develop and build a traveling experience for the upcoming 'Life' movie. The goal was to bring guests into the feeling of the movie, isolating them as they watched, listened to pieces of the movie that led to a startling climax. This booth was later produced for other markets, providing a more immersive marketing and outreach opportunity.

STEAM Carnival (2016)

Traveling Experience by Two Bit Circus


In November, 2015, Two Bit Circus hosted its second STEAM Carnival in San Francisco. STEAM Carnival is a youth-oriented education and entertainment brand with the goal of inspiring the next generation of inventors.

As the Senior Designer, my role was to work with the internal 2BC team and external content providers to elevate the experiential design – including the look and feel of the games, atmosphere and lighting and decorations, and more. The 2015 STEAM Carnival was intending to be a transitional step into the next phase for the STEAM Carnival brand, leading into a multi-tour in 2016, and spinning off additional opportunities in online content and products.

SIGGRAPH Conference (2012-15)

Technology, Research, Entertainment Conference

COMMITTEE CHAIR (2015), Subcommittee Producer (2012 - 2014)

As the committee chair for The Studio at the SIGGRAPH 2015 Conference, the role covered several responsibilities, which included planning and execution, building a subcommittee and integrating with the different contractor groups. It was critical to build a fiscally responsible program, and supported through connecting and fostering donor networks. It was at least as critical to build out a program direction that fit within where SIGGRAPH as a community represents and where it's going, which included bringing in world class courses, talks, and hands-on workshops from the best academic and professional institutions around the world.

In previous years, including for both The Studio and Emerging Technologies, I have acted as the Producer on the Subcommittee. Much of this work involved developing a floor-plan for the projects (Studio) and organizing logistical information, including on-site and in advance of the conference with Contributors.

To learn more about The Studio at SIGGRAPH 2015: [GO HERE]


 Below you will find more examples of work related to VR.

Virtual Environments with Hardware Simulation

Much of my work in virtual reality involves not only creating the real-time digital environments, but implementing them on hardware systems that allow them to be experienced in deeper and more direct ways.

The images on the right show some of the various digital environments and their integrated simulators, including projection domes, 8DOF Simulators, and more basic driving simulators.

As you’ll see further down, I am also familiar with HMDs, both with magnetic trackers and the more recent Oculus Rift.

I have worked with many different real-time software tools, including modern game engines as well as more professional solutions. I have also honed creating visually compelling real-time 3D content very quickly that can scale in quality based on needs.

VR Prototyping and Interactive Entertainment Experiences

Carnegie Mellon University


With of 4-5 people, we explored the rapid creation of interactive virtual worlds. To the right are two examples created in less than two weeks each that look at different types of entertainment content for Head Mounted Displays (a modern example is the Oculus Rift). For these examples we also made use of sensors that could track where your head and hands are at in 360 space.

For the example in the top two images, we wanted to test forward locomotion (walking). The challenge is creating an abstraction on how to map that interface that makes at least some sense contextually. This is how we fell into a ‘Zombie’ idea, which embellishes on the typical arms out way they are often represented. Players hold their arms old while moving them up and down to move forward. Players can also grab NPC characters and then ‘eat’ their brains through different movements with the hands and head. We attempted ‘first person eating’ but it became difficult to convey the idea.

The second example is a puzzle game that requires players to look around the 3D world. Players act from the center of the map, with the goal of moving blocks in order to create a path for small characters reach the finish. ‘Grabbing’ is a key interaction, but with only knowing hand location, we explored feedback mechanisms in the virtual world, including rumbling before being grabbed.


Virtual Reality Research Project; Arizona State University


With 2-3 people, we created a large 3D representation of Phoenix, AZ with simulated traffic in order to create a flexible tool for studying construction and other environmental developments. During the project, we explored the use of photogrammetry as well as integrating with various simulator hardware. [LINK]


Architectural Visualization using Unreal Engine 4

Unreal Engine 4 presents the best set of tools for developing a range of Architectural Visualization Opportunities. From locomotion, interaction, and sheer visual prowess, Architects and Developers are looking more into this as a viable opportunity to explore new construction projects as well as create marketing materials.



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I can provide a detailed resume / CV upon request.



DIRECTOR OF VR CONTENT                                             Since July 2017

IMAX Corporation                                                                      Los Angeles, CA


OWNER                                                                                           Since 2013

Othereal (STUDIO Red & Black, LLC)                              Los Angeles, CA


SENIOR DESIGNER                                                                  August 2015 - April 2016

Two Bit Circus                                                                              Los Angeles, CA


AREA ART DIRECTOR & 3D SPECIALIST                      August 2013 - January 2015

RIVA Creative USA                                                                      Los Angeles, CA


INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCE DESIGNER                       May 2011 - July 2013

RGH Themed Entertainment                                                Los Angeles, CA                              


OWNER / PRINCIPAL                                                              February 2013 - Present

STUDIO Red & Black LLC.                                                       Los Angeles, CA


Committee Chair (2015), Venue Producer                 2011 - Present     

ACM SIGGRAPH Conference                                               Multiple Locations


DEPT. MANAGER - VIRTUAL REALITY GROUP         August 2008 - July 2010

FORUM8 Co. Ltd.                                                                         Tokyo, Japan


VR DESIGN RESEARCHER                                                   July 2006 - July 2008

Arizona State University                                                        Tempe, AZ


Bachelor of Science, Design: ARCHITECTURE               August 2004 - May 2008

Arizona State University                                                                Tempe, AZ


Masters of Entertainment Technology Candidate*    August 2010 - May 2011

Carnegie Mellon University                                                          Pittsburgh, PA


  • 3D Modeling, Texturing, Sculpting
  • Virtual Reality / Simulation
  • Interaction Design
  • Research / R&D
  • Themed Entertainment Design
  • Architecture and Master Planning
  • Drawing and Sketching
  • Video Editing / Compositing
  • Interdisciplinary Projects
  • Project Scheduling / Budgeting
  • Client Services / Strategy


  • 3ds Max, Maya, Mudbox, Modo
  • Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign
  • Unity3d, CRYEngine, Unreal 4
  • Mental Ray, Vray, VRED, Maxwell
  • AutoCad, Revit
  • Python and some scripting
  • Allegorithmic Products
  • Microsoft and Adobe Suites
  • Balsamiq, Visio, and UX tools


  • 3D Printers, Rapid Prototying
  • HMDs, including Oculus Rift
  • Projection Domes and Holography
  • Kinect, Gesture, Natural Interface
  • iOS and Android Mobile Platforms
  • Pupil / Retina Tracking
  • AR and Computer Vision Systems
  • 3-9DOF Motion Platforms / Simualtors
  • Laser Scanning /Photogrammetry
  • Laser Cutters / CNC Machines


  • IXDA (Interaction Design Assoc.)
  • TEA (Themed Entertainment)
  • Space Tourism Society
  • Digital LA