Hello, I'm Reid.

I create experiences.

I’m a designer who loves to solve complex problems. More recently my work has been focused on themed entertainment, though I tend to weave through different types of projects that all loosely connect, including Interaction Design, Virtual Reality (VR), Architecture, Experiential Marketing, along with a bit ofApp development, and Technology Design.  While most of my work does require me to create compelling 3D content, primarily to convey story, emotion, and buildable intent (including for real-time visualization), I’m mostly fascinated in understanding the way people think and respond to the world. This has a heavy influence in my ‘interactive’ projects.

I’m addicted to learning and I gravitate towards projects that challenge me in new ways while allowing me to build and reflect on what I’ve learned in other areas.

I have a significant interest and appreciation in tools, technologies, and opportunities that empower people to create, because of this I’ve turned some of my attention to the subject of Education and hope to continue to explore emergent opportunities in that field. I've also been studying application of pervasive computing and working to understand how it will shape creative expression and broader implications.


Below are some of the companies, clients, partners, organizations, and projects around the world that I've been fortunate to have worked for and with and on ....